Changes in Time and Space - Chapter 1: Invasion at the Azores - Torchwood Saves the Day B

They waited another few moments and then jumped out again. Two more Drahvins fell to the floor. However, the Drahvins were growing wise to their strategy. They were holding back. “We'll have to withdraw,” Sigrun said quietly.

Jia'hale nodded. They waited and then withdrew, back towards the bridge.

Not all the way. There was another corridor intersection. But only one. “I don't like these odds,” Sigrun said.

“I know there are a lot more of them!” Jia'hale said. “But we can delay them and survive.”

“A bit difficult,” Sigrun groused, as she saw the Drahvin soldiers approach again.

“I know you are there,” the commander of the boarders stated.

Jia'hale remained silent, but waited for the soldiers to approach. She didn't have to wait for long. When they cautiously reached their position, both she and Sigrun leapt out again, and managed to kick the guns out of the hands of the soldiers in the lead. Both then attempted to punch the two of them, but they had withdrawn into the side corridors.

“Shall we pursue?” one of the soldiers asked.

“No,” the commander replied. “We continue to the bridge.”

'Oops!' Jia'hale thought.

Back on the Bridge, the Doctor could see that her companions had been bypassed. 'Good try,' she thought.

“What do we do now?” Daniel asked.

“They can still delay the boarders,” the Doctor said.

“But probably not enough,” Anderson groused.

The Doctor approached the door. “And there are still ways to deny them access to this bridge.”

That was enough to give Anderson encouragement. “You're right. We can set up some traps,” she said.

“I'll examine the bulkhead, and see if traps could be concealed that way.”

“There may be other ways.”

“Of course,” the Doctor said. She took out the sonic screwdriver and used it to scan the bulkhead.

Jia'hale followed the boarders, with Sigrun close behind. They could still help the Doctor and the others. However, two stayed behind to delay them. 'I hope they can be dealt with quickly,' she thought. She paused, allowing Sigrun to catch up. “We have to take them out quickly,” she said quietly.

Sigrun nodded, as the two straggling Drahvins approached them again.

“You've lost, admit it.”

“We haven't.”

“Yes you have.”

“We haven't. We're still standing.”

“You haven't a chance against us.” The two Drahvins then brandished their weapons.

The Valiant II shook as more Drahvin weapons fire hit it. “They're clearly impatient,” the Doctor commented.

“That they would fire while boarding parties are still on board? They probably think they were defeated,” Anderson commented.

“Quite likely,” the Doctor said. The ship shook again.

“Kellira's hailing again,” Franks reported.

“Let's here it,” Anderson ordered.

Are you going to surrender, Doctor?

“No!” the Doctor answered.

Torchwood was a surprise, but we're winning.

The Doctor called up a tactical display. She could see that the Drahvins did indeed have the advantage for the moment. However, she could also see that additional UNIT and Torchwood forces were on the way. “Probably,” she said.

More than 'probably,' Doctor!” Kellira said, her words full of arrogance. “We will achieve our objective.

'If only I could use her arrogance against her.'

Jia'hale and Sigrun had knocked out the two Drahvin boarders. “That's done,” Sigrun said.
“But there are sure to be others,” Jia'hale objected.

“We need to check in back at the Bridge.”

“We'll do that first.”

Back at the Bridge, the Doctor turned back to Anderson. Before she could say anything, the Valiant II shook again. “A feint,” she said.

“A feint?” Anderson asked.

“A pretence,” the Doctor answered. “We pretend the Valiant II is more damaged than it actually is.”

Anderson gave a smirk “That may work.” She was interrupted by another shake. “But we should do it soon.”

“Of course.”

“Damage report,” Anderson ordered.

“Little damage to the superstructure.”

“Feign damage to an engine, reduce power by 10%.”

“Is that advisable?” Daniel asked.

“Not really,” Anderson said.

Kellira saw the Valiant II listing. UNIT was almost defeated, and the Torchwood fleet would soon follow them. “Surround that ship!”

“Aye Commander.”

“The Drahvin ships are moving,” Anderson said.

“They're surrounding us,” the Doctor noted as she looked at the tactical display.

“Prepare to fire at Kellira's ship,” Anderson ordered.

“Wait,” the Doctor directed.

“What?” Anderson asked.

“Getting a message from Harkness.”


“The Ianto Jones is moving into position.”

“Tell me when they're ready.”

On the Ianto Jones, Jack looked at the tactical situation. It wasn't good, but there were ways it could be salvaged. 'Wait.' He scanned the Valiant II.

Budget 2020 notes

Unprecedented support.

213.7 Billion Dollar Defecit.

No rise in taxes.

No economic recovery without a jobs recovery.

50% wage subsidy for new apprentices and trainees.

Tax cut. (Backdated to the 1st of July this year) Lifting thresholds.

The largest set of investment incentives any Australian Government has ever provided. Available to many (or all) businesses.

Instant asset write off expanded.

1.3 Billion into Manufacturing.

More funding for CSIRO and Universities.

More gas production.

More roads, rail and bridges.

14 Billion dollars in infrastructure.

2Bn - Road safety upgrades - use it or lose it.

Water infrastructure. Wyangla and Dungowan Dams. More dams, weirs and pipelines.

More Environmental funding.

250 million to modernise recycling infrastructure.

Affordable housing.

Indigenous home ownership in regional areas.

3.9 Billion to the NDIS.

Beginnings of 2020 - Elias and the Writer's Block

Elias and the Writer’s Block
It had been a few days since he had been able to write more than a paragraph. He needed a change of scene. Just sitting in his office, being stumped, wasn’t a good idea. ‘Maybe I should go to the Park,’ he thought. He hadn’t been there since the Pandemic started. That was something he had already written about. Those short stories had been well received, but he wanted to write something different. Something that would inspire hope. That was why he wanted to get out.

Ten minutes later, he parked his car outside the Park. It didn’t seem like there were too many other people there.

Beginnings of 2020 - Emily and the Doctor

Doctor Who – Designated Survivor – Emily and the Doctor
It was the end of a busy day in the White House, when Emily Rhodes heard a sound that she thought she would never hear again. ‘No! Not now!” she thought. She didn’t want to have to explain the Doctor to the President. She walked through the halls in the direction the sound came from. Then she saw it, or rather her. “Aren’t you a sight for tired eyes?” she asked as she walked up to the blue box.

“Emily?” She turned and saw Seth Wright, the Press Secretary. “Do you know what this is?”

“Um, yes,” she answered as she grabbed the key she had kept since college. Then on impulse, she turned and unlocked the door.

The interior was different to how she remembered it. “Doctor?”

“Emily Rhodes?” a Scottish voice asked from behind the console.

‘Regenerated, figures!’ Emily thought. “Yes,” she answered, at a loss for words.

The Doctor stepped out from behind the console. “You’ve done well for yourself. White House Chief of Staff. I knew you would achieve things in Washington.”

Emily looked at the Doctor. “You look old, Doctor,” she said, remembering the two brown haired incarnations she had travelled with through her College years.

The Doctor was about to say something, but was interrupted by Seth stepping into the Console Room.

“Wait! How can this box be bigger on the inside?”

“It’s a long story, Seth,” Emily answered. “However. A question must be asked. Why are you here?”

“Because President Kirkman is in danger!” the Doctor answered.